About Me

My name is Stevens Miller. I am a computer programmer, science student, lawyer, and one-time elected official. I am very happily married to my wife since 1996, and have been a proud daddy since 2002.

I enjoy (or have enjoyed) ham radio, video games, cooking, star-gazing, flying model airplanes and rockets, board games, cosplay, science fiction. and writing. My favorite TV show is, and always will be, the original STAR TREK. My favorite music consists of about half of the Top 100 from 1974, the basso profundo organ pieces of Louis Vierne, Mozart's french horn stuff, and Kraftwerk. I could live on what they serve at Anita's for the rest of my life. Also what they serve at any decent Indian place with lamb rogan josh on the buffet. C# is a better language than Java. They never should have dropped the code requirement for an Extra class amateur radio license. I am sick of people telling me they believe never having studied science makes it easier for them than it is for me to believe we will travel faster than light some day (which we won't). There are no psychics and space aliens have never abducted anyone.

Being a county supervisor from 2008 to 2012 was the coolest thing I've ever done outside my family life. Why did I leave politics? Well, I got tired of the lies, of the backstabbing, and of the character assassination. Also, I got tired of the Republicans. (As of August 2021, becoming a member of the computer science faculty at the University of Maryland is a tie for "coolest thing.")

Welcome to what I have to say.