Terms of Use

The Good

I welcome all of these:
  • critical remarks
  • honest use of "devil's advocate" analyses
  • questioning of assumptions
  • praise
  • expressions of emotion
  • sincere evaluations and reactions
  • whatever else you want to share in a spirit of mutual respect

This is not a safe space, there are no speech codes, and trigger warnings are implied rather than required (so if you know you have triggers, read at your own risk).

The Bad

The Good being said, I do not tolerate any of the following
  • abuse, threats, or insults
  • racist, sexist, or any other derogatory remarks based on whom you are speaking of
  • advertising (ask me first)
  • obvious lies
  • anonymous posting (use whatever name Google lets you use, but I have to know who you are)
  • anything creating legal liability for me
  • anything Blogspot doesn't allow

If you have any doubts about how to interpret these restrictions, use this rule of thumb:

    I will delete anything that makes me think you are being a jerk.

The Ugly

You have to have a Google account to leave a comment. Sorry, that's the way it is.