Saturday, November 5, 2022

I'm on Mastodon!

If you found your way here, it may be because you noticed I've closed my Twitter Musk account and I am dormant on Facebook. Today, I signed up for Mastodon. It's inferior to Twitter Musk's new toy, but at least it's not Twitter Musk. Give it a try with me!

Note that by joining via that link, you also automatically follow me.

Be patient. Mastodon is gaining followers at an unprecedented rate, jumping from about 400,000 to nearly 700,000 just, uh... recently. It is distributed across (so far) about 125 servers, none of which is as powerful as the equipment you're used to using. So it may be a little sluggish. I think this may change soon...

Hope to see you there soon.

BTW, it is slightly funny for me to be on this service. My college recently "dropped" its (unofficial) mascot, the execrable Lord Jeffrey Amherst. Instead, in an act of promotional genius only a liberal arts institution could achieve, they adopted an extinct animal, the mammoth, which I guess is kind of like a mastodon, but who knows? I was barely able to wrest a physics degrees out of those navel-gazers.

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