Wednesday, November 2, 2022

One More Time

Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter made me drop Twitter. Thinking about Facebook, I can't find the same reason to feel like using it is unethical. But I know people who do feel that way and their reasons are not easily dismissed. At the very least, I'm personally very sick of helping billionaires make more money. See, the important thing is that we are not customers to Twitter or Facebook: we are inventory. We don't pay to use those services, so any claims we make about "rights" are meaningless. We do have a value to them, but only as a mass, not as individuals.

Now, I'm not (that) naïve. I don't pay to use this blog service, either. Whatever value I bring to them is, again, because of something I don't really control and cannot use to exert any sort of leverage. But, until someone brings me a reason to think BlogSpot is unethical, I'll give this a bit of a try. Probably going to look harder at YouTube. But, when I have something to type, I will probably type it here for, at least, the immediate future.

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